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Meals Ready to Eat and Bread Flour Products

Spectrascape-Cape was conceived in August 2010 and came about after extensive research showed that there was a huge requirement to provide basic staple foods in a ready to eat meal form, which needed to encompass all the challenges in Africa. It needed to be highly nutritional, good quality, affordable, with a long life capability with no cold storage or refrigeration required.

Spectrascape-Cape became the vehicle to fill this gap and has been and is now involved in the distribution of an exceptional nutritional range of Long Life MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat), not only to SA, but to the whole world.

Easy Potbrood - Easy Vetkoek - Easy Roosterkoek

ReadyMeal Pouches (Ready to Eat Meals)



Ready to Eat (heat and eat) pouches

Readymix Bread Flour Products - Roosterkoek

Readymix Bread Flour Products - Easy Vetkoek - SOS hildrens Home

Spectrascape-Cape is proud to offer a highly nutritional, good quality, affordable and convenient range of food products, which encompasses all sectors of the market.

ReadyMeal MRE

‘Heat and Eat’ and enjoy this instant delicious hot meal. 

Our ReadyMeal range includes only the finest and freshest ingredients, which is placed in a pouch, sealed and then undergoes the Retort Technology process.  The result is an ambient product, which has no preservatives added, has a shelf life of 12 months and does not require any refrigeration or freezing

Bread Flour Premixes 

‘Just add Water’ is the only ingredient this premix requires to make a bread.

Bake a Farmstyle Potbread on  the grill or in the oven.  Use the Roosterkoek premix for unexpected guests arriving for that impromptu braai/barbeque.   The Vetkoek Premix  is delicious with both sweet or savoury fillings.

Mixes in 3 easy steps. 

            1. Place Premix in a bowl & add water

            2. Mix to form dough and allow to rise and double in size (ready in 15min)

            3. Add heat

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