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What is the shelf life of a ReadyMeal product?

ReadyMeal products have a 12 months shelf.

How is it possible for a ReadyMeal to have a 12 Month shelf life without refrigeration?

Food is prepared raw and then sealed into the Retort pouch.   It is heated to 240-250°F (116-121°C) for several minutes under high pressure, inside a retort or autoclave machine. (Similar to pressure cooking).   This reliably kills all commonly occurring microorganisms, preventing it from spoiling.

What is a Retort pouch?

A retort pouch is a 4 layer bonded plastic and metal foil laminate pouch. The weight of a pouch is lighter than regular cans or bottles, and the energy required to convert is less than that of metals, paper and glass.

Why would you buy Retort Meals?

The big difference is that it retains and cooks in its natural flavors and juices through the cooking process . With no preservatives added, it has a High nutritional value.


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