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Dr Keith Joliffe: PhD (Information Systems)

CEO & Owner of Spectrascape-Cape

Dr Jolliffe has a shared vision of feeding affordable and nutritional food to Africa. After carrying out extensive research he decided to head up a company and provides a broad range of business expertise to the organization.


Mrs Tanya Spies

General Manager

Was appointed as Spectrascapes-Capes General Manager in August 2010. In this position she oversees the company's business strategy and goals formation, as well as the development of business opportunities.


Mrs Tanya Spies

Administration Manager

Joined Spectrascape-Cape in January 2011 and is responsible for the company's accounts, HR and general office administration duties. She has a Bachelors Degree in Business and Marketing.


Mr Wayne Joliffe

International Sourcing Consultant, Atlanta GA, USA



Mr Sean Smit

Operational and Sales Manager

Joined Spectrascape in September 2010 and and is responsible for new product development, sales and customer service. He brings a combination of team leadership, strategic planning, and business development.

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