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ReadMeals were delivered to the SOS Children’s Village of Qwa Qwa in Ennerdale.   The town is situated in the province of the Free State - a very dry and impoverished area.

The Qwa Qwa Social Centre is Four family homes integrated into the community have been built to house orphaned and abandoned children. They are cared for by mothers selected from the local community, and grow up as a normal family.
A Social Centre also provides activities for youth and skills development training.

Soon after arriving, the first of the ReadyMeals were heated  in pots of boiling water and  opened to supply breakfast  to the kindergarten  children.  Smiles soon appeared on these small  faces after receiving their first nutritional meal for the day.

Next were the older children and lines were formed to receive their share.  Lunch parcels were handed out with visible chunky meat pieces and vegetables and  gravy on top of a bed of white rice.




success stroies

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